For the non-EU nationals who are family members of EU nationals or their partners, the Prague Visa helps with family reunification visa (temporary residence permit for a family member of EU citizen).

This status entitles citizens outside the EU to have the same rights as EU nationals. Please keep in mind that regarding the wide entitlement of the permit (e.g. free access to the labor market), the process is more thorough than long-term visa process. Please feel free to contact us for consultation about your particular case and more information about the family reunification process.

Why choose Prague Visa services?

  • Prior consultation in person or via Skype
  • List of all mandatory documents and useful tips
  • Registration with foreign police
  • Assistance with temporary residence permit application
  • Help with all mandatory and arbitrary material that serves as proof of relationship
  • Translation of photo labels and history of relationship
  • Accompany to the Ministry of Interior office
  • Help with interview preparation
  • Free bridge visa
  • Translation mediation (translation by court appointed translator)
  • Client support – we will continuously inform you about the process
  • Fixed price including VAT