Demand for qualified employees is still growing, but unemployment rate in the Czech Republic is hitting its bottom hard as the country almost  reached its natural rate of unemployment. However, there is a vast number of vacant positions in the Czech republic available for specialists from other countries. Let Prague Visa support your company in all legal and bureaucratic aspects of this process!
For your non-EU employees*, Prague Visa will arrange employee cards and/or blue cards. We provide assistance with residence permits for family members of your employees with special discount. Our services include consultation and implementation of specialized employment programmes as seasonal work and Project Ukraine.

Varying on demanded assistance, our services include:

  • Initial consultation
  • Arrangement of work permits
  • Mediation of translations and diploma nostrifications
  • Booking of appointments with the Czech Embassy or Ministry of Interior
  • Communication with labor office and other related authorities (Czech Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Trade…)
  • Free bridge visa
  • Client support – we will continuously inform you about the process

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*EU citizens enjoy the same employment rights as Czech citizens. For more info, see